Axel Weltner first began taking photographs as a young teen in the mid 70s. He attended Sheridan College in Oakville, studying commercial photography there. He spent much of the 80s working in the commercial photography field as an assistant and production coordinator, and took part in some group exhibitions prior to 1985. He left the industry in 1991, and remained on hiatus until 2004. He began taking photographs again as a strictly personal exercise, using only a simple digital camera without interchangeable lenses. He continues to maintain this Spartan equipment ethic in his work, and genuinely believes that one of the key elements of his work is his simple, honest approach. His entire picture taking philosophy is boiled down to “Capture quick impressions, concentrate on the smells and sounds and let the sights follow.” The same ethic continues into post production, with the philosophy of removing only the most jarring and out of place elements, leaving colours as they are and never adding elements to the image.

All images are signed and numbered limited edition giclee prints, printed with archival inks directly on Canadian made archival canvas in 3 sizes. (sizes currently are approxiamate, and should be used as estimates only) Prices for prints are as follows:
8 inch prints $69.00 each, or 3 for $180, (editions of 25)
20 inch prints for $280 each (editions of 12)
40 inch prints for $800 each (editions of 5)